Monday, June 1, 2009

A Way Out

No matter what the temptation, the Lord is faithful, and he will always provide you with a way out. That's right, isn't it? 

"But she's screaming at me from that screen!?
"But it's just too hard to say 'no!'" 
"But, but, but..."

Man, the crappiest thing ever is when you're in the middle of some sort of thing that you're not supposed to be in the middle of, whatever it is, and you hear that conscience screaming in your head: "This is your way out. Don't do this. You can still not do this. I can help you pull away." 

And you're like, "Yeah, well one more time won't hurt."

And your conscience, your spirit inside you says, "Well it's hurting me." 

And you ignore it like you do every single time cause that instant gratification is just so within your grasp. It's so frickin' enticing, and I'm


God! I can't bear this crap anymore. 
"Once an addict, always an addict."

No matter what the temptation, the Lord is faithful, and he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear. Isn't that right?

Yeah, Lord, well step aside. I believe you, but I'm strong enough to resist this on my own. 
"Thanks, but no thanks."

I'll come running back to you once I've failed again and I need a favor. 


Can Opener Boy said...

Thanks for posting this.

I know how you feel. I've been there 1,000 times...or more

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel too and I have found that addiction to Jesus is the Only Addiction that slays all other destructive addictions.

Keep going with your Proverbs study, with prayer, with that home group you were invited to. Along the way ask Jesus to reveal HIMSELF through these things. Jesus said concerning the Scriptures, "these are they which testify of ME". It is good to know Scriptures of God, but it is LIFE to know the God of the Scriptures.

The Cross of Christ and His resurrection power have already overcome the world, the flesh and the devil. If we try in our own strength to "do better" or "be better" we will fall short. Many settle for becoming frustrated religious people.

So, we all will fall short and we will continue to fall short. Ok. God understands that we are dust. Though a righteous man (righteous by faith in the work of Christ on the cross) falls seven times (or seven times seventy), he shall not be utterly cast down.

Keep getting up and keep your hands to the plow. Like trying to measure physical growth, it is It is almost impossible to measure spiritual growth day by day. But if we keep on keeping on then others will see that we have "been with Jesus" and we will begin to know, experience and feel the benefit of spiritual disciplines.

I hate (that is, my flesh) hates that word discipline.

Where does the answer lie? Where we started. At the foot of the cross (where our "old man" and sin are nailed) and at the empty tomb (where our new life is Christ began and continues forevermore).

We ALREADY died with Christ!
We are ALREADY alive in Him!

We must "walk in Him" the same way we "came to Him". By and in faith.

These truths are THE death sentence to addictions, frustration, anger, unforgiveness, hatred, anger, selfishness, laziness, self pity, self and sin.

Now, let us pray for one another. We need each other bro! None of us was ever meant to make it on his or her own.