Thursday, July 16, 2009


Tour has been fun... had a solid last couple of nights, and tonight we're in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho at a place called Embyrs Venue, which is cool looking, with couches and checkered floors and more couches. The only drag about couches is that usually people sit in them, instead of dance, but whatever, you know? Whatever! 

The Lord has been doing some cool stuff in people's hearts over the last couple of days, including mine. A lot of people have been super encouraging and been super encouraged by some of my stuff, and it's a huge blessing, and a reminder that the Lord can work in a little 19 year old to legitimately touch hearts. 

So that's super cool. And I'm constantly reminded that that's what this is about - it's about the Lord speaking through my art and the bands' art and offering this love that I believe saves and that I can literally say saved me. 

So I've been journaling a lot, and trying to write out these prayers to keep my head in the right place and keep my heart focused on what's important in the midst of the stress that I'm feeling from other things in life, and know that God's will, will be done, and that that's a beautiful thing. 

So that's my prayer tonight, that someone would be blessed through this, and that love might shine through words that I never even dreamed would've been shared with anyone but me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Stayed in Eugene last night with my bestest friend Gage's mom. She's as crazy as he is. Or maybe, he's as crazy as she is. I definitely see where he gets his hyper-ness. 

Anyway, we went to a beach somewhere west of that and it was beautiful. 

I'm reading the Watchmen comic and it's awesome. I think it might be better than the movie (I loved the movie. I know most people didn't, but I did.). 

We've had the last two days off. One of the shows dropped. Tomorrow we have something in Spokane, WA. That'll be fun. ITMOL and I need to work something out for the intro to their set. I keep on playing in between bands during set changes, but that's really loud and stuff. I think that maybe if I can play one poem after they sound check, into the intro, and one immediately following their set, then that would work well, but I don't know how well... whatever. 

Syrens just cancelled the August run that I was doing with them, which is a frickin drag, but it's alright. I wish that I had booked the run so that I could just get in touch with the promoters and rearrange the package with another headliner, but I can't, so... drag. 

The Lord will provide. I'm going to start writing more people about going out on tour with them and whatnot, and stay with In The Midst of Lions in the meantime. Maybe it will end up being a cool thing, if we can get the time frames worked out well. We'll see. I just love chillin with the guys regardless.

I've gotta get a VE-HICLE, and soon, so that I can get around. 

The whole point of this entire blog was simply to say that Oregon is beautiful. Nothing else. 

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Recordings

So I just posted a bunch of new recordings, and stuff. Check them out @

Also, Hopecore Magazine did a story on the Levi the Poet project - you can check that out at There's a hyperlink on there to the July issue.

First show of tour is tonight. Hope it goes well!

Don't have much time on here, more later.

Much love,