Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Musings

First of all, Creed is getting back together. I can't imagine the flak I'll get from people for saying this, but Creed was my favorite band in Mid-High, and if they come anywhere near me, I'm freakin' going.

Secondly... Creed is getting back together.

Thirdly... Scott Stapp shaved his head. What if Creed came back as a hardcore band and he did two-steps on stage?

On a serious note, I have been super, incredibly, undeniably lethargic in my relationship with the Lord, and I'm frickin sick of it and ashamed of it. It pisses me off, if you want to know the truth. I miss my first love, and I was talking to him about it a couple of minutes ago, and felt the strongest essence of the words:


My friend Oscar today told me "Seek first the kingdom of heaven..." and I just can't help but think that that piece of advice, which should be first in my mind, has been buried , or I've been ignoring it.

And so I am going to spend to time with Jesus again, because I'm at a loss for any other options. I was reading a blog today by a dude named Chad Johnson. He owns a label called Come and Live (which you should check out) and here's the link to the blog he wrote:


The blog entitled "Anxiety is not my friend" is what did it for me - the kicker; the clincher, maybe.

I love you guys - if any of you would like to help keep me accountable as to what I've been doing or will be trying to do in my relationship with God, that would be fantastic - Lord knows I need it. I'll try my best to send out updates of what has been going on. Maybe getting all of this out in the open will help me.

Not to be frickin' vulnerable or anything.

Love you,

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