Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Wake

I leave with my Veil Arms family tomorrow for Dallas where we'll start the three-day "The Wake" tour Friday night with The Glorious Unseen, Sleeping Giant, and Chad Johnson. It's weird how bands and people are built up so crazy huge and we're all just people. Sometimes it makes me wonder if fame is weird, you know? Like, it's awesome to give recognition for beautiful work, but when you know people as people instead of people as stars it's a much different perspective. 

I don't really know what I'm trying to say, but regardless, I'm excited and privileged to play with these musicians. 

I've been working non-stop since 9 this mornin' - freakin... reminds me of deadline at HM. 

I am happy to be home. I must admit, I just unpacked my car last night. It's been completely full for these past two weeks and no one could really ride around with me because, well. Yeah. 

I stuffed everything into my friend's closet, and now I'm sleeping on her floor for ... for indefinitely. 

I've been working on writing some new poetry. I can never just sit down and come up with something that I like, though, which is really irritating. I don't know how other people write, but the times that something genius comes to me are the times that I don't have a pen, and then later when I try to remember it - it's a bunch of jumbled crap that I can't remember. It sucks... to be honest... but my goal is to write a new poem by this Sunday and play it at the ABQ Wake date. I guess those of you that come will see if I've been successful.


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