Saturday, August 30, 2008

I suck at Photoshop

I have this beautiful idea in my head of awesome things to create and cool designs and beautiful goodness, and I suck at photoshop and the scanner is sketchy and I can't do any of it and I'm going to cry. 

Today was entirely uneventful. However, I did run around for a while and boy am I, like, ten times sexier than I ever was before. That mile, man, that mile run just transforms your entire body from skinny little pansy to beautiful junk of man. 

The myspace stuff is going well. I'm liking the responses to the poetry stuff. Not sure what to expect you know, because, it's not exactly rocking or anything, but I'm glad people have enjoyed it. When I get home I'd really like to start playing more and, I dunno...

I started emailing a ton of venues around Austin to see about opening up for shows over the next month or two while I'm here, so I guess I'll see if any fruit comes from that...

Tomorrow I'm going to spray paint things on my car with these stencils this dude I met here said he made. I haven't seen them but I'm sure they're cool. And then I think I'm going to drive into Austin and find this homeless guy i met and I'm going to do poetry on the corner and make us some money so that we can go eat food together, and then I'll spend the night in Austin with him and talk to him about stuff. 

His name is Woody. He's very nice. 

Love ya'll. 

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