Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So Long, my Lord

So long as we are lost in the shadows

            Your memory will fade into the ash beneath our feet.


So long as we wallow in our self importance

Your pricelessness will be buried beneath our egotistical mindset.


So long as we sink in our pocketfuls of power

Your golden streets will relinquish beneath the hierarchy of our currency.


So long as sameness defines our acceptance into society

Your uniqueness will be doused in the fumes of our cultures’ favorite hair dye.


So long as morality is drowned in the perversity of the latest fashion

statement Your purity will do the same.


So long as Your gift is mistaken for reward

Your death will lose all meaning in the regulations of religiosity.


So long as we remember ourselves

            You will be forgotten.


So long, my Lord.


Morgan said...

this is my new favorite. seriously.

Kirsi said...

So Good!